Places in the paradise: Bora Bora

. sábado, 20 de febrero de 2010

bora boraBora Bora is an oceanic island of French Polynesia located north of Tahiti, just 260 kilometers from the capital of Papeete. This island has 250 square miles of territory, which was formed by an extinct volcano which formed a coral reef with a lagoon that communicates with the sea.

The best time to travel to Bora Bora is during the months from May to October because the weather is cooler and less humid than in other months, but that it rains all year, although the sun is 365 days. It is best not to visit the area during the months of November to April because it is very easy to find winds.

Let's go with some highlights:

On the issue of safety, there is any problem, except that we can create ourselves diving: cut by coral, stingrays, mantas, or the sun. Beware of the sun, which burns in a spectacular way. That if, as elsewhere, it should be a little careful with where we left it, there's always some "smartass."

What can we do to enjoy the island? This island offers blue skies, blue sea, golden sands and green flora. During the stay we can not allow ourselves to lose a walk through the fabulous and immense emerald lagoon, where you can go on canoe trips and even feed the sharks and stingrays. In Bora Bora you can also enjoy water sports like scuba diving and observing its colorful coral and curious fish. As a recommendation, you can go to the beaches of Matira Point, which are located on the southern tip of the island to enjoy its charm.

The funny thing is that Bora Bora is a place so small that you can take a bicycle to or on horseback. During your walk you can see remains of temples or Maraes Polynesians.

It is important to know that the official language is Tahitian, but also speaks fluent French.

Furthermore, in terms of currency, it is the CFP (Cour de France Pacifique) or French Pacific Franc. If you wear euros can be changed without any problems at banks or ATMs. Keep in mind that the change is as follows: 119 PIC is equivalent to 1 euro.

And now the big question, where to stay? It's a question everyone must answer. It all depends on how much you want to spend one, as Bora Bora is known for its luxury hotels, but you can also find special cheap boarding houses for travelers without many financial resources. Definitely if you want to surprise your partner there is nothing like book a room in the hotel with sea view (that yes, you have to pay ...) bring you the latest reviews and bonus deals for Mecca bingo online and the latest deals to play both for money and for free.

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