Earn money with your trips

. domingo, 25 de mayo de 2008

Trivago is a web of trips that I have discovered recently, despite that goes on the market a lot of years. On one hand, it works as seeker of flights, hotels and trips, and on the other hand, as travelers' social network.

As for the trips, it has obtained the aptitude to offer a very good comparative of the majority of existing offers in the network, in such a way that if we look for a hotel, a flight or a trip we are going to be able to obtain in seconds the comparative of the best existing offers of the different suppliers that we can find in the network. Later, and once chosen the one that is more convenient for us, trivago forwards us to the page of the buyer to carry out the reservation. It is a magnificent way of seeing in a page the best comparative for our trip. This has done that turns into one of the leading pages into the sector of tourism.

On the other hand, trivago also works as travelers' social network. If you register, you are going to be able to collaborate with all kinds of indications of your own trips: raise photos, realize commentaries, write guides of your trips, add articles, etc... This is a way of helping other travelers to plan their trips and choose better destinations.

Of course, to do all this is costly, and this is because trivago has decided to pay its colaboradoes for all this type of actions. For what I could have verified for the network(, it is one of the pages of Internet that better pay for collaborating with them, let's clarify that nobody is going to become a millionaire by doing this, but it is not very difficult to earn 30 or 40 euros a month with little work. In addition, they pay for paypal on the 1st of every month, always and when your trivago account has reached 25 €.

If this article has been useful to you, I encourage you to register turning into my friends, it does not reverberate absolutely for anything to you and raises you extract the benefit that 5 euros are paid to you only for registering: Register in trivago

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